Monday, April 22, 2013

Source Code 2011 English (DVDRip) [720p] Download Movie Torrent

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Source Code (2011)

Year: 2011
Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: Duncan Jones
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga

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Colter Stevens, a U.S. Army helicopter pilot whose last memory is flying in Afghanistan, up in boarding the train. However, he found that he had assumed the identity of another man. 8 minutes later, the train explodes and Stevens finds himself in some kind of pod. He then talks to someone named Goodwin, who tells him that he must go back and find out who the culprit is. He was sent back to go through the whole thing again and tries to find out who it was but failed bombing. Bomb explodes and Stevens finds himself in the pod again. He sent back another time, yet still can not find anything. When he returned, he asked what was happening. Goodwin and Rutledge, the scientist in charge, tell him that he is part of a project that can put someone in the consciousness of another person during the last 8 minutes of his life. Stevens then asks why he can not stop the bomb. He said that he did not go back in time but placed in the moment so he can find out who did it and if ...

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